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About Revelet

about revelet

Revelet has built its reputation over the years with a huge customer base worldwide. We have focused on research and development activities in various engineering sectors and offer broad research products without compromising the quality. We mainly deal with electronics, electrical, power electronics, robotics and software related activities. We always carry with new technologies and build it up for you. Our researchers helps to bring your ideas to reality.

We support our customers in expert research, development, management and technology. Revelet leverages its deep industry experience to achieve smarter and more efficient product development. Placing orders with revelet, you guarantee your engineering idea a full-fledged embodiment within our effective one-stop, turn-key strategy...


Latest Product

revelet new product
Pre-order is accepted from 2019

We introduce new testing & measuring equipment's to the engineering sector such as spectrum analyzer, Power analyzer (THD, PF), SNR analyzer, MV analyzer, DSO, MSO, MSA, etc. Our DMA tools provide accurate, qualitative and modern waveforms, and is designed for research-driven applications. The main features of our DMA tools are wireless compatibility(wifi, rf, etc.), data isolation, protocol supporting for USB 2.1 and USB 3, touch Compactability, high sampling rates (200Mhz/ Channel), Raster and vector graphic support, AI triggering.

We introduce Standard, Mid-range and Premium models to the market, Pricing and featurcs are published in later.


Research Areas

revelet research areas

We focus primarily on hardware & software related projects in electronics, electrical and mechatronics fields

  • Testing & Measuring Instruments
  • Embedded & Real Time Systems
  • Digital Analyzer Software.
  • Secure Software Licensing
  • Robotics & Mechatronics
  • power electronics
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Automation


*Industrial training programs are scheduled

Latest News

The release date and features will be published later.
The release date and features will be published later.
The release date and features will be published later.
The release date and features will be published later.

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